Promotion Of New & Renewable Energies

Promotion Of New & Renewable Energies:

In recent years, the world has recognized the importance of new and renewable energies in mitigating climate change and achieving sustainable development. Haryana, one of India’s most industrialized states, has a crucial role in promoting new and renewable energies. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of how an NGO in Haryana can enable new and renewable energies.

The Importance of New and Renewable Energies in Haryana

Haryana is a state that has shown significant growth in recent years. However, this growth has come at a cost to the environment. The state faces severe environmental challenges like air and water pollution, deforestation, and climate change. The promotion of new and renewable energies can help address these challenges.

Promoting new and renewable energies in Haryana is also essential for achieving energy security and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. The state has abundant solar and wind resources, which can be harnessed to meet people’s energy needs.

Promoting New and Renewable Energies in Haryana:
Strategies and Approaches
There are several ways in which an NGO can promote new and renewable energies in Haryana. Here are some effective strategies and approaches that can be used:

Awareness Campaigns:
The NGO can organize awareness campaigns to educate people about the importance of new and renewable energies. These campaigns can help create a demand for clean energy and promote sustainable living.

Implementing Solar Rooftop Projects:
The NGO can collaborate with local communities and install solar rooftop projects in residential and commercial areas. These projects can help generate clean energy and reduce electricity bills.

Promoting Bioenergy:
The NGO can encourage using bioenergy, such as biogas and biomass, in rural areas. These energy sources can help meet the energy needs of the rural population and promote sustainable agriculture.

Training and Capacity Building:
The NGO can provide training and capacity building to local communities and government officials on new and renewable energies. This can help build local capacity and promote the adoption of clean energy technologies.

Policy Advocacy:
The NGO can engage with policymakers and advocate for policies that promote new and renewable energies. This can include incentives for clean energy adoption, regulatory frameworks, and support for research and development.


Promoting new and renewable energies in Haryana is essential for achieving sustainable development and addressing environmental challenges. This guide has provided several practical strategies and approaches for promoting new and renewable energies in the state. By implementing these strategies, the NGO can help create a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future for the people of Haryana.

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