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Safety and Protection Of Child, Seeing an innocent smile is a perfect medicine to get rid of your feelings of being tired when you come back home after work. So, it is our work to protect our children and provide a safe environment for them and make them happy in our life. Protection of child should be a concern of the whole community and all public services, not just ones having their child but also other people.

India is one of the most populated countries and we can also observe it has many kinds of people with their different caste, language, and dressing style. In India, we observe that it is has a wide range of laws to protect children and child protection is increasingly accepted as a core component of social development. We can also observe that many children in India face problems as though they had made many articles on this issue. Violence against children is widespread and remains a harsh reality for millions of children from all socio-economic groups in India.

Although many laws and articles are made in India, the challenge is in implementing the laws due to inadequate human resource capacity on the ground and quality prevention and rehabilitation services. As a result, millions of children are prone to violence, abuse, and exploitation. The health and safety of children must be put first. All those working with children must ensure to always take children’s safety into consideration while doing any kind of work related to them. Safeguarding children is everybody’s responsibility who exists in the world.

Children have the right to be protected from all exploitative and vulnerable situations that have been discussed. But that is possible only if you make yourself aware of the real problems and risks that, children face and of the remedies that are available in law and policy to change the situation in the best interest of children. In which, A child may need legal help and protection. Resisting legal action when a child needs it the most is a common mistake all of us often tend to make. Children should be protected from any type of abuse, there are five types of abuse that children can become victims of these are physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and domestic abuse. All those working with children must ensure to look out for signs, symptoms, and indicators that a child might be abused in it and make sure they do not get abused in any way in society.

That’s all about the natural order of things, the idea of nature protecting children but also children protecting nature. Let us be the nature of every child who needs protection.

Safety and protection of child

Role of India in child protection and safety:

India is the largest democracy in the world, a sovereign, socialist, secular democratic, and republic with a comprehensive charter of rights written into its constitution. The Constitution of India provides that the state, as a directive principle of state policy, must seek to ensure “that children are given opportunities and facilities to develop in a healthy manner and in conditions of freedom and dignity and that childhood and youth are protected against exploitation and against moral and material abandonment.” The role of the India Judiciary and the scope of judicial interpretation have expanded remarkably in recent times, partly because of the tremendous growth of statutory intervention in the present era.

Social protection schemes in child safety:

Safety and protection of child 2

Progress has been made in generating social awareness, enhancing legislation, and nurturing action towards ending violence, abuse, and exploitation of children, but more needs to be done to ensure survivors and their families benefit from sensitive, timely, and efficient protection and services.  Although the Supreme Court made laudable directions and suggestions in many instances to protect the basic rights of poor children, unfortunately, these directions and suggestions are not followed and implemented by the government machinery effectively. In this regard, the performance of the Indian Judiciary stands out as a signal contribution to the implementation of human rights generally and that of Child Rights in particular. So, finally, they introduced many schemes by the government to protect children through the obstacles by using laws and articles in it.

How to empower children:

Teaching children about child abuse and how to protect themselves will empower them to stop the abuse. It also tells us about child abuse often focuses on stranger danger. It is thus crucial that governments worldwide take actions and measures by creating platforms for children to express their opinion publicly and safely, by launching awareness campaigns to increase their level of empowerment, by establishing text laws to not only legalize their actions but also protect them from any intimidation of doing so. It helps to Grow Confidence and self-esteem which enables children to feel happy and comfortable with who they are, as well as try new things. They are more likely to manage their own behavior. It also has Allowing children to have a say in their lives and make choices that affect them helps them to be independent.

Building awareness:

It is not an easy way to bring awareness to protect children in nowadays world. Public awareness can be part of an overall approach to preventing child abuse and neglect. We have to find resources and information on sharing a message and educating the public, making an economic case for prevention, and creating community support and partnerships to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Developing an effective message leads to increase trust to protect children. child protection prevention efforts or effective local-level responses (both formal and informal) are lacking. It must involve building community awareness and conscientization, establishing and strengthening reporting and referral mechanisms, providing quality support to vulnerable families, and building life skills and resilience to protect children.

The teacher’s role also an important part of children living in which they have to Understand children’s rights as human rights and create such awareness in the community as well. They also should be a good listener. Share and discuss various issues and problems which children are facing either in school or at home. and must Encourage children’s participation in matters that affect their lives.

Why we need to protect a child?

Children are the future of a country. They bring development & prosperity to the country. But as we all know that the children are the most vulnerable part of the society & can be easily targeted. In India, we have enacted many laws & Acts related to Children in order to protect them & to give them better & sound development. The increased crime rate against children, even after enacting so many laws & implementing them, has raised an alarming concern all over the world as children are being misused for fulfilling some people’s illegal purposes. So along with various laws, it is also our social responsibility to take care of the children & to protect their rights. So, I finally conclude that be protective towards children and if any child is in any problem be sure to be a protective shield for their safety. We help empower children, foster child participation, as well as give them the power to demand and report anything they find inappropriate or unjustified.

A child’s happiness is the greatest gift of God to, protect a child to give them happiness in their life.




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