IMPORTANCE OF SCHOOL, The school plays an important role when it comes down to protecting children against violence. Violence is one of the principal reasons why children don’t go to school. It’s also one of the causes of the alarming school dropout rates. So, let us see the importance of school in a child’s life.

Most parents nowadays are both working and if nobody will take care of their kid they will send their child to pre-school. However, parents should guide their children and support their everyday needs. Not only that they also have to send them to school which, will help your child develop dynamic skills such as taking turns, attending to others, assisting one another, and many more. Cooperating with other children of the same age can teach your child to communicate better. Also, going to school young can offer your child all the essential literacy skills.

School provides an environment where we can learn a lot of basic skills which help each and every child to build their future with their own skills. If the environment which has provided to them is very bad then they will not learn very good things and they destroy their future by learning bad things. So, as a teacher in their life, we must provide a good environment to learn different skills for them. The environment must not be very violent based or there must not be anyone who abuses children and it should be very peaceful for the child to acquire more knowledge.


Children as young as three years old are taught how to read and write at their preschools. They start to learn the alphabet, numbers and even do some simple arithmetic problems. They also get the chance to practice their drawing, building, problem-solving, and cognitive skills.

Teachers play a key role in any student’s life. They are like the children’s second parents, adults who are there to supervise when they are not at home. So, they must do their work with the best efforts for each and every child. They are knowledgeable on a lot of things, and they should be able to impart a wide array of information and wisdom on specific subject matters, as well as life in general. They also must make sure that children must not cultivate bad things from them in school.

Every child must be happy to go to school. As School is much more fun if you have friends to hang out with. These people share the same interests as you, have lunch with your, laugh with you, study with you, walk home with you, and they are there to help you out if you are having trouble with academics or life.

Going to school and receiving an education is very necessary. Especially receiving your primary and higher education is the most important aspect of one’s life. Schooling makes lays the foundation of a child’s character. Not only a child but society as a whole benefit from schooling. Throughout the schooling period, a child goes through the phases of mental and physical development and learns it many valuable things.

As, a parent there is no duty more important than ensuring the rights to be given to every child. So, let us give their most important right to them by joining them to school.

Thumma Harika 



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